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Practical information

Kalmar Camping - Rafshagsudden

As a guest with us at Kalmar Camping, you always have free access to all events & happenings.

Between 23:00 and at 7.00 we ask you to show extra consideration for sleeping neighbors. During events at the reception & dance floor, music can be played until 00.00. The car park for day visitors is closed from 23:00 and only you who are a checked-in guest have the opportunity to stay in the area after 23:00. The service houses are for you who live on the campsite. The service houses are open 24 hours a day.


Have your booking confirmation on hand at check-in for a smoother experience! You will find this on your booking confirmation in your email.  

Earliest check-in -  14:00

Check out at the latest  -  13:00

Always keep your dog tethered except on the dog head, where you can let your fur run and swim freely!  Should it after all "accident" in the camping area, we assume that everyone picks up after their dog. The bags are available for purchase in stores. We also do not forget the temperate dog shower at the back of service house 2. Remember not to leave the dog in hot cars & caravans.  













In case of fire : Save - Warn - Alarm - Extinguish
Rescue people in danger, warn the surroundings and alert the rescue service on 112. Fire extinguishers are located in several places, see map. Grilling may only take place in grills. Open fire on the ground is not allowed. Charcoal must be emptied into special containers at the garbage station.
  Passages must not be blocked as these are added to emergency vehicles.

It is always the guest's responsibility that electrical equipment is in safe condition, equipment is CE marked and that all cables are intact. To be able to use the electrical outlets with us, you must have approved equipment, which means, among other things. that the cable between the pole and the caravan must have a cable area of at least 2.5 mm2. Think of our children and keep a low speed when driving inside the camping area.

Food waste can be thrown in a green bag in combustible and then sorted by KSRR. All combustible waste is thrown in a bag with a double knot in the specified container. Glass, batteries, light bulbs are sorted at source. Larger waste such as car batteries, furniture, refrigerators, etc. must be transported to a municipal recycling center on their own. We encourage source sorting even if this can be difficult with space in the trolley, KSRR recycling center is located at Mosekrogsvägen 11, 380 31 Läckeby. No rubbish may be placed next to the containers. If the containers are full, contact the reception.

Summer work with us

Every year during the summer season, we are looking for talented and committed employees for our wonderful campsite.  Do you want to be part of building the most scenic campsite in southern Sweden?  

We are looking for you who are outgoing, social, happy, stress-resistant and who would like to try a job with a varied everyday life! We are happy to see that you have turned 18, have a driving license and your own car. Previous experience from Restaurant or reception is meritorious but not necessary.

We are currently looking for employees for positions in the following:

- Reception / Restaurant, full time / part time
Shop, full-time / part-time
- Cleaning, full time / part time

Season place with us
  Before each season, an agreement must be drawn up between Kalmar Camping and the tenant. This agreement must be signed at  arrival and in duplicate, one to the landlord and one to the tenant, and shall include name, plot number and rules.  The agreement terminates without notice at the end of the agreement period.

It is allowed to have one car per caravan in the camping area, and the car must be parked inside the camping site.

Caravan / motorhome must have a valid LPG inspection certificate from an approved authority. This must be presented at check-in at the latest.

Kalmar Camping is subject to a fire protection ordinance, which means that the distance between two camping units must be a minimum of four meters. It is your responsibility as a camping guest that the distance is kept to neighbors and that fire extinguishers / gas alarms are in the caravan.

The seasonal space may only be used by the tenant with spouse / partner / cohabitant and their children living at home. Guests in the company of the tenant are of course also welcome free of charge.

All care of the plot with lawn mowing etc is taken care of by the camping guest, tools are available to borrow. The general area is managed by Kalmar Camping.  When pruning trees / shrubs, Kalmar Camping must give approval before pruning begins. This is usually only given for things that prevent the setting up of a caravan / dead vegetation, etc., in order to maintain the feeling of nature at the campsite.  Set up trolley must be in a tidy condition and cleaned of algae etc.  Pay attention to keeping it clean under your caravan. Note Läckeby landfill is a stone's throw away!


Summer season applies from 08/4 - 25/9, payment is made 1 month before the start of the season unless otherwise agreed. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee of SEK 85 and default interest of 12% / year will be charged. Deposit fee 1200: - is paid at the end of the season for the next season, if this is not paid the place is interpreted as canceled and Kalmar Camping can rent this out to another guest.  The seasonal guest is responsible for keeping a logbook of electricity consumption and if discrepancies are discovered, notify the reception immediately. In addition to the seasonal fee, electricity is 2.15: - / Kwh washing / shower card that is charged at the reception.

Kalmar Camping AB is not responsible for damage / theft or anything else on guests and their property. We reserve the right to evict a guest who does not comply with the above rules and instructions stated by Kalmar Camping's management and staff at the expense of the guest and without deduction / refund.

Subletting / leasing is prohibited. It is also not allowed to register at the campsite. When selling a accommodation unit with an existing plot, the new owner must be approved by Kalmar Camping before the purchase is made, however, Kalmar Camping always has priority on the plot.

Kalmar Camping reserves the right to change the above conditions and rules of procedure.

The season place must be approved before the end of the season.
The plot must be left in a well-cleaned and prepared condition and must be approved by staff at Kalmar Camping. If this has not happened, the campsite performs the work and invoices the guest with SEK 650 / started hour. Floors that remain after the season and where no new agreement has been drawn up, floors etc. are removed and driven to the landfill for a charge of SEK 650 / hour. The seasonalists who renew their seasonal contract must of course keep their trolley on site over the winter. On the other hand, keep in mind that when loosening parts, these must be collected under a tarpaulin. 

Do not forget to return the key at the reception. If this is not done, the lock will be replaced at the guest's expense and he will be invoiced the fee.

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