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Very pleasant camping for adults and children. Big extra plus because dogs were more than welcome, with their own bath and the thoughtfulness with water bowls here and there. Fresh and nice toilets, showers and sink areas do not make the stay worse. We take our hats off and recommend the campsite to everyone we know!
This is a completely cozy campsite, which feels very homely. Amazing staff,super fresh showers and toilets, laundry room. For the children, there wasbouncy castles, mini golf and a cozy swimming area. We are happy to recommend this campsite. We would easily come back.
The first time me and my family visited Rafshagen Camping to sunbathe and swim. The food was impressively good, both the hamburger and the pizza. Nice staff, clean and tidy! This is our new favorite place without a doubt! Beats Stensö Camping by horse lengths!

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A Great Place to Camp

Member of the national Swedish Campsite Organisation.

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Craving for adventure?

Welcome to our glamping experience at Kalmar Camping - where luxury and nature go hand in hand. We have created a unique and comfortable experience for you who want to explore nature in a different way. 

It's an experience that offers the best of both worlds - you can enjoy nature while having all the comforts you need.


With our comfortable and luxurious tents, you get a completely different experience than traditional camping. You can relax in a comfortable bed, enjoy modern comforts and at the same time be in the middle of nature.

Trying out glamping at Kalmar Camping is an experience you don't want to miss. 

Collect new energy on vacation!

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Kalmar Camping - Rafshagsudden
Rafshagen 432

395 98 Läckeby, Kalmar

Telefon: 0480 - 604 64

E-post: 559140-1350


Kalmar Camping ute på Rafshagsudden har fungerat som camping i närmare 70 år. Från att i början varit tältande besökare med små krav på service, till att idag vara en toppmodern camping anläggning.

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