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For all history lovers

Kalmar is the city where the wings of history can constantly be felt. With its ancient monuments, preserved buildings and characteristic windmills, the city invites you on a journey through the past. Here you can explore historical sites and cultural heritage through various organized experiences. If you are looking for a holiday filled with historical and cultural experiences, you have come to the right place. Discover Kalmar and let history tell its own story!

Kalmar & Öland & Småland - Culture & History

Step back in time and explore Kalmar's rich history! Discover the wings of history through exciting tours of nearby attractions such as Kalmar Castle and Borgholm Castle. Experience the unique atmosphere and immerse yourself in the stories of the past. With us you not only get a traditional camping experience, but also the opportunity to discover and understand the fascinating history that surrounds our beautiful region. Book your historic trip today!

Kalmar Castle


Kalmar Castle is a historic fortress that rises majestically on the coast. Built in the 12th century, since then the castle has played a central role in Sweden's history, from the Middle Ages to the days of Gustav Vasa. With its impressive towers and defense facilities, Kalmar Castle offers fascinating tours and stories about its dramatic episodes. Experience a piece of Sweden's cultural heritage through a visit to this magnificent castle.

Borgholm Castle


Borgholm Castle is an iconic historical ruin located on Öland's east coast. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the castle has a fascinating history spanning centuries. Despite its ruins, Borgholm Castle is an impressive sight and offers visitors a unique insight into Sweden's history. With a spectacular view of the Baltic Sea and surrounding landscape, the castle is a popular excursion destination for both history enthusiasts and nature lovers. Explore its corridors, take part in its history and enjoy the fantastic panoramic view during your visit to Borgholm Castle.

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