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Seasonal camping

Dates - Prices - Benefits

12 April - 16 September

SEK 15,900 / SEK 17,900

10% Discount

Seasonal camping

Family Atmosphere

Finally, it's time for the long, bright summer we've all been longing for! And what could be better than spending it at a relaxing, fun and sunny campsite like Kalmar Camping? Here you will find everything you need to enjoy the summer to the fullest - and now you have the chance to book a seasonal place with us and have a whole summer of joy and relaxation.

The campsite has a pleasant and familiar atmosphere with a scenic location right by the sea. We have many returning seasonal guests and our seasonal pitches are very popular. We have a restaurant in the area with entertainment during the holidays and of course a small service shop. Seasonal visitors can enjoy their discount coupon on the entire range (10%)

Important to know


When you choose a place, it is important to look at the size, slope, trees and bushes that may be on the plot (the map can sometimes be a bit misleading) so that your equipment (and possibly awning and car) can fit within given distance requirements that apply to neighboring plots. Caravan/mobile home must have a valid inspection certificate from an approved authority. This must be presented at check-in at the latest. Those who already stay in the summer season have priority to their place

  • Campsite 12/4-16/9
  • Choose between sea view / shade / sunny
  • Discount approx. 70% on regular day price
  • Advance to the upcoming season
  • Option for winter storage of trolley/wagon SEK 1,500
  • Wifi included / Camper Clean (Automatic emptying station cassettes) Included
  • Visits from guests included
  • Parking on site for one car
  • Access to all events is included
  • (10%) Discount, Food / Experiences

Here below you will find available places!



Available Season places

Green =Available 
7 pieces - Vacant

Orange =Reserved
34 pieces - Reserved

No. 15

No. 18

No. 19

No. 20

No. 21

No. 25

No. 26

No. 27

No. 28

No. 52

No. 53

No. 54

No. 55

No. 56

No. 57

No. 58

No. 59

No. 63

No. 65

No. 66

No. 70

No. 71

No. 73

No. 80

No. 89

No. 98

No. 108

No. 110

No. 112

No. 125

No. 138

No. 139

No. 145

No. 146

No. 147

No. 148

No. 149

No. 152

No. 153

No. 154

No. 224





4 Stars classified

The number of stars quickly gives you an idea of the standard you can expect at the campsite. The stars summarize the ratings the campsite received in the four areas of hygiene, environment, service and activities.


A Great Place to Camp

Member of the national Swedish Campsite Organisation.

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