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For all nature & adventure fantasists

Discover the adventures that await around Kalmar! Go on exciting excursions to nearby attractions such as Mållilla Moose Park and Glasrikets Moose Park. Experience the wild animal life and enjoy exciting adventures in the middle of nature. Regardless of whether you are a nature lover or an adventurer, there are countless opportunities to explore and experience the magnificent nature and adventures that surround Kalmar. Book your next excursion today and let the adventure begin

Kalmar & Öland & Småland - Nature & Adventure

Welcome to Kalmar Camping, your base for adventures in Kalmar, Öland and Småland! Explore the amazing nature and adventures that await around every corner. Discover picturesque landscapes, beautiful coastlines and exciting activities, bike tours and hikes. With proximity to attractions such as Målilla & Glass Kingdom & Virum elk park, nature reserves such as Hörsö & Björnö and the Kleva mine, this is the perfect starting point for your next nature experience.

Småland Moose Park


Go on an adventure to three unique destinations in Småland! Discover the majestic wildlife at Mållila/Glasriket/Virum Älgpark and get up close with the impressive moose.  Fascinated by the magnificent beauty of the Scandinavian moose. Experience the wonders of nature and book your adventure today!

Nature reserve a stone's throw away

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Discover nature's treasures just a stone's throw from Kalmar Camping! Hörsö and Björnö nature reserves offer a peaceful oasis where you can explore forests, hiking trails and coastal landscapes. Go for a lovely walk or bike ride and let yourself be embraced by the soothing atmosphere. With fantastic views of the Baltic Sea and rich opportunities for bird watching, these nature reserves are a true gem for nature lovers. Experience the wonders of nature and gather new energy.

Kleva Gruvan

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Experience an exciting historical excursion to Kleva Gruva, just a short drive from Kalmar Camping! Explore the old mine shafts and learn about the area's rich history and heritage from the mining days. With guided tours through the mine, you can experience the unique atmosphere and learn about the life and work of the brave miners during the 19th and 20th centuries. While exploring the dark mine passages, you get a fascinating insight into Sweden's mining history.

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